Recent and forthcoming events
Callen will be working with Ateneum Helsinki on an exhibition project on Finnish neo-Impressionism for 2023

Callen is giving the introductory Plenary lecture, 'Bathing Beaux: Hygiene, aquatics and desire c.1830-1910', at Freiburg University Masculinities Workshop on 'The Masculine Dimension of the Heroic: Body, Ideal, Hegemony', June 2021

Callen has written 'Bloodlines' - an extended essay on anatomical lithographs by Joseph Maclise, and the circulation of artistic and surgical views of the male body in nineteenth-century Ireland, Britain and France, for the British Art Studies online "One Object" Special, edited by Keren Hammerschlag, 2021

'Degas: Digging the Dirt', book chapter/catalogue essay for Museo de Arte Sao Paulo, Brazil exhibition: Degas: Dance, Politics, Society, due for publication early 2021

Essay commissioned for the exhibition catalogue Plein air. Corot to Monet, Musée des Impressionnistes Giverny, and Gallimard, 2020

V&A Museum professional workshop on 'Masculinities', May 2019

Wellcome/Paul Mellon Centre, London, professional workshop on nineteenth-century male medical anatomies, May 2019

AAH April 2019: Callen spoke on 'The Manly Arts: Water sports and virility at the fin de siècle', in the Vitalist Modernism Session.

Looking at Men book launch held at The University of Warwick, UK, January 2019

The Australian launch of Looking at Men: Art, Anatomy and the Modern Male Body (Yale), at the Australian National University, Canberra, in November 2018

Callen lectured on 'Monet's Compositional Architecture' at the National Gallery, London, May 2018

Callen gave a plenary lecture Male Bonding on the Motif at the Male Bonds Conference, Ghent, May 2018

Callen lectured on Degas at the National Gallery London, December 2017

Callen lectured on The Venus Paradox at the exhibition of this title: A G Leventis Gallery, Nicosia, December 2017

Callen attended a professional symposium on Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party at the Phillips Collection, Washington DC, December 2017

Callen was Visiting Professor at the ANU School of Art and Design, September and October 2017

Callen gave lectures on Cezanne and on Monet at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, in October 2017

Callen gave the opening keynote lecture 'Value in art', at the ACUADS conference at ANU in September 2017

Callen gave an opening Keynote '50 Shades of Grey' at the AAANZ Annual Conference "The Work of Art", Australian National University School of Art, Canberra, December 2016

Callen lectured on Monet's painting techniques in the 1860s at the Kimbell Art Museum in October 2016

Callen presented a paper on 'Masculinity, Monstrosity and the Surgeon's Art' in the session Modernism and Medicine at CAA in Washington DC, February 2016

Callen was Visiting Professor at the School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra, during October and November 2015

Callen gave lectures on Degas and on Monet to the AGNSW, Sydney, Members Arts Society in October/November 2015

Callen gave a paper on 'Gris clair and coloured greys' in the Session 'Shades of Grey' at the Association of Art Historians Conference in Norwich in April 2015

Callen presented the Richard R Brettell Lecture, on 'Impressionist Painting Techniques' in the Reves Collection, at the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas, in February 2015

Callen presented a paper on 'The Surgeon's Art (Charles Bell)' at the ANU School of Art Centre for Art History and Art Theory Symposium on 'Art and Mortality' in September 2014

Callen lectured on Neo-Impressionism to the AGNSW, Sydney, Members Arts Society in April/May of 2014

Callen gave a public lecture at the NGV, Melbourne, on 'Impressionist "Plein Air" Painting Techniques', 14th September 2013.

Callen chaired the professional Study Day on 'Degas's Method' at the Glyptotek Museum in Copenhagen, August 2013.

Callen gave a Plenary presentation on 'Impressionist Painting Techniques' at the Japanese AAH Conference, Osaka, May 2013

As a member of the Peer Review Group for the Van Gogh Museum's Research Project, Callen participated in the conference 'Van Gogh's Studio Practice' at the Museum in Amsterdam in June 2013, and chaired the final session.

In March 2013 Callen organised the 'Portrayal and Identity' conference with Ruth Waller and Erica Seccombe (School of Art, CASS/ANU) at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, in conjunction with NPG colleagues; Professor Marcia Pointon was the keynote speaker.

During 2012-13 Callen gave public lectures at the Australian National Gallery of Art, Canberra (2), the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2), and Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.

Callen's paper on 'Degas, Darwin and Masculinity' was delivered at the AAH Conference at the Open University, Milton Keynes, March 2012.